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Creative Pet Logo Designs

If you run an animal or pet related business, it is necessary for you to get a creatively designed pet logo. Some of the most creative pet logo designs are:


Amazingly professional and appealing, this design uses pets in a very creative manner that would surely attract people.


Use of fish to represent the ‘aquatic’ aspect of the business, this logo is truly unique and professional.


Outstanding logo with just the right usage of colors represents a cat, dog and parrot – all the most common pets!


A bird sitting on a tree branch represents the ‘singing’ bit of the business’ name. Amazing creativity!


Designed for a dog food business, the cartoon based illustration of a dog gives it a unique twist.


Meant for a bird supplies company, the use of a bird made out leaves and tree twigs is truly unique.


Representing a dog food supply business, a dog licking its lips signifies how delicious this brand would be for your pet dog.


Kids love stuffed animals, particularly rabbits and teddy bears. This logo for a kids wear business uses a rabbit to signify just that.


The exquisite use of a dog’s illustration signifies the pet part of the business. Amazing.


A simple drawing of a chicken gives this particular logo an outstandingly professional and clean touch.


A simple, cute and professional image of a dog gives this logo a stunning appeal.


Meant for a pet lounge, the designer has used a cat and dog’s illustration as the base for a lounge sofa – truly creative.


Hit Cat has used a modern, aptly decked up cat to represent its modern values and commitment.


The usage of a cute dog that is green in color represents the ‘eco’ or environmentally friendly aspect of this business.


Aqua – nothing can define this aspect better than a fish. Meant for a computer accessories business, the designer has creatively used a mouse shaped fish.


Simply, creative and appealing – these are the basic characteristics of this fish based logo.


Designed for a vet, the creative use of a cat and a dog makes this logo extremely attractive and eye-catching!


Outstanding use of a modernized fish gives this logo a very eye-catching look.


The use of two different colors for both the cat and dog is amazing.


The outline of a cat truly gives this logo an appealing touch, which would surely catch the attention of many people.


Meant for a luxury pet hotel, this logo makes amazing use of a cat and dog.


The hound aspect of this business is represented by the logo designer through the use of a dog.

This beautiful post is written by Megha M. For more amazing and interesting logos, kindly click here.


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