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15 Logo Design Inspired by Human Hands

Logo designs for companies have varied kinds of icons and graphics as part of their branding. Depiction of human elements in the logo design gives a universal appeal to the logo. This helps to connect with people. Most popular symbol of human presence is Hands which are used in plenty of logo designs.

Hands are a fascinating symbol which can be given numerous meanings and interpretations. From meditation to action, hands can give rise to different thoughts. Left and right hand often represent the yin and and yang energy of the universe. Hands can show balance or flow of energy or even creativity and protection. There is so much versatility in the shape of hands that all kinds of meanings can be derived from their presentation.

An open hand means generosity , a flowing hand conveys energy and action and closed fist can show protection or secrecy. Similarly two or multiple hands can conjure into different shapes and forms and can be cleverly integrated into images to create unique aesthetic logo designs.

View these creative logo design samples with hand as a predominant symbol in the logo. Each logo has an interesting twist and a creative touch. Such logo designs can help to enhance the branding of the company as they promote the unique feel in the logo.

Here are presented, 15 Hands inspired logos that should satisfy your creative thirst:-

Georgian Pediatric Association



Seeds of Love v.1

Push the Bottle



Aquatic Creations


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