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15 Best Shoes Logos

People generally wonder why there are certain brands of shoes that merely come and go, whereas there are others that are as timeless as the shoes that they offer. To be honest, although quality, innovation, style and definition play an extremely significant role in delivering the right longevity to these brands, these elements are not the only aspects that have affected their recognition and popularity. There are quite a few other elements that have helped them in this regard.

So, what are these elements? Well, business logos and corporate branding are such aspects for sure. These have the tendency to make or break a business, which is why ample attention needs to be given to their creation. First of all, a logo for a shoe based business needs to be creative. It should be such that it can be easily recognized all over the world, just like the famous Nike swooshes. The logo needs to have effective and classy illustrations, which can be based on the place where the business is placed. For example, if it’s a European business, it can be given stylized ovals with lion heads. However, you must make sure that the logo remains simple and timeless. In a shoe based logo design, you need to be extremely careful about the font that you use. It needs to be not just creative, but simple too at the same time. Make sure that you do not add in too many images to it and just play with white spaces to give it that professional touch.

Some of the most famous and timeless shoes logos are:


flip flop and qway

barrow's london

boots gallery

dead mans

inspired shoes

carpe diem shoes

marlen's shoes

alisa's shoes

treacy shoes

KB shoes repair


total greenista


Travelers Choice

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