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15 Logo Designs Inspired By Keys And Locks

The field of logo designing has excelled way beyond the regular conventions. The utilization of unimaginable elements has made it expand into the extremities. Example? Well, did you ever think of things as basic as keys and locks being used to create logo designing for a business? Yes, believe it or not, but locks and keys are now commonly being used by logo designers as part of their efforts to help businesses come up with intriguing logo designs. Both of these elements signify many things. They aren’t just things that are used to open and close locks anymore. Instead, they are used to signify, power, security, and trust.

Logos that are based on locks and keys are rather intricate to design. The fact is that the utilization of such elements test a designer’s abilities, talent, creativity and imagination to a great extent. They need to be used in such a manner that they not just promote a particular business or brand, but actually make people believe in it. The companies that generally use logos with a theme based on locks and keys are security firms, but even clinics and financial companies have begun integrating them for promotions purposes. All in all, the logos that use locks and keys generally tend to be rather eye-catching and appealing, but that is only possible if the logo designer puts in his best efforts and comes up with a concept that is totally unique or else the logo just might loose out on its innovative edge.

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Some of the best locks and keys based logo designs to have hit the market are:




SixLocks Security



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