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25 Jewellery Logo Design for Your Inspiration

Jewellery is part of Indian tradition and customs. No auspicious occasion is celebrated with jewellery whether it is a festival or wedding or baby shower. Jewellery as a gift or investment is a must on such occasions. It is a symbol of prestige and honour in Indian community. As jewellery is held in such reverence, jewellers go to any extent with respect to money or efforts to develop best possible branding for their jewellery companies

Jewellery is worn in India either casually or formally. Whatever the mode people spare no expense in buying their jewellery items. Hence Jewellery logo designs have to look not just expensive but also help to add prestige to the products. Their sophistication and style must impart a feeling of wealth and aristocracy so that the wearer feels justified with exorbitant costs. Such logo design appeals to their inner personality. Often jewellery logo designs are associated with generations of jewellery buyers as the jewellery is a part of heirlooms. Hence jewellery logos must be created with immense precision and thought so that they appear trendy and modern yet retain their old world charm.

Jewellery logo design can often become famous and renowned. Simplicity with an understated style can go a long way to promote a jewellery logo. Complicated and busy logo design looks like a Christmas tree often fail to strike a chord and evoke a response. Diamond shapes, curlicues, stars, twinkle or flourish are commonly used motifs in jewellery logo designs. India jewellery logo design often depict paisley, lotus, chakra for Indian flavour. Gold, black, silver, red, burgundy are often used colors.

Kindly view some Famous Indian jewellery Logo Designs which are an art in itself :


Kira &







Kellerman &


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    September 2, 2013 at 7:34 am

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