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Women as a theme for logo design

Logo designs are commercial symbol for branding to promoting business companies. But a logo is many times just not a brand mascot; it often imparts deeper meaning to its look and feel. Branding through logo communication is more than visual treat. Hidden and deeper meaning also adds to the charm of the logo.

Often logo designers and business company focus on popular themes to attract attention and also establish an emotional connect with customers. One of the most popular themes is women orient which appeal to both men and women.

Apart from sensuous beauty, logos based on women themes emphasize the strong character, independent spirit and power of women. Whether the product and services are related to women like fashion, cosmetics and healthcare or even for corporate or consumer utility items, women based logo designs are always successful.

The motifs for women based logo designs can be numerous. It can be women body forms, facial features, women themes or anything related to women can be very inspiring. Company with baby products or services also derive immense benefit from women based themes specially mother child themes which have an emotional effect. Women oriented themes can generate feeling of tenderness, love, affection nurturing very positive vibes.

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There are many famous worlds renowned companies which have benefited from women based logo designs like Horlicks, Starbucks, Versace etc. Here some very exquisite and innovative logo design samples based on women inspired themes are as follows:

Inspiring women Logo

Inspiring Women Logo Design


Inspiring Logo

Amazing Women Inspired

Interesting and attractive logo design

Women inspired Logo

Women inspired Logo

Creative Women Logo Design

Interesting Logo Design For your

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