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Simple ways to make yourself popular in the market

Importance of logos in business:

One of the important elements in advertising is Creation of Logo. It is nothing new that people normally identify a company or a product just by looking at the logo. Such being the importance of logos, it is needless to mention that logos should be attractive so as to catch the attention of the target customers.

Look for an able logo designer:

It is for this reason; businessmen look for an appropriate agency like LogoPeople India- one of the Best Logo Design Company in Delhi NCR that has abundant experience in designing logos. In fact, for the past twelve years this company has been in the business of designing logos. Within this short span of twelve years, the company has earned more than 5000 clients across the world including Australia and New Zealand. That speaks of the effectiveness of the logos created by this agency. The agency has designers who are adequately qualified and abundantly trained and experienced in designing creative logos. They work with dedication to create a logo for their client which is unique and awesome in all respects. The logos designed by this agency are known for their perfectness and yet it creates considerable impact on the target customers. The designs are highly attractive as they all are customized design. LogoPeople India gives enough opportunity to their clients to make changes in the design to suit their specific requirement. After effecting all such changes desired by the client, the designers make a final copy of the logo.

Other services offered:

The services of LogoPeople India- Best Logo Design Company in Delhi NCR are not restricted to designing logos. They also undertake web designing, digital marketing, online marketing solutions, Search EngineSEO, SMO, PPC and mobile apps development; in short their services extend to almost all the aspects of e-marketing. They also undertake other works like foil printing, printing laser cut stickers, embossing and so on. Their service charges are considerably reasonable as comparision to others. They also offer after sales service to all their clients. A visit to their website will enable you to know more about the services they offer.

Here are presented as below, some of the best designed logos by LogoPeople India:








40 Logo Designs Utilizing Negative Space in a Creative Inspiring Manner

Logos are the ‘face’ or true representatives of a company or brand. Considering that your logo is going to represent your business, your beliefs and even your goals in front of the world, it is extremely important for you to pay ample attention to the tiniest of its details. A unique means of coming up with an outstanding logo is the utilization of typography and letters. But, designing such a logo is truly hard as these generally get to be confused with normal text.

What is typography? Well, it is basically an art that is associated with the letter form. It is the duty of typographers to analyze every single detail of every character as closely as possible and craft them in a truly unique fashion. Doing so is obviously going to bring about negative space. Negative space, which is also known as the counter, is something that we completely ignore considering that it isn’t ‘readable’. But, to be honest, negative space has the tendency to deliver some of the richest forms that are truly going to give your logo a unique and exclusive appeal. As a designer, it is extremely important for you to give ample attention to the negative space. The fact of the matter is that it can actually help you come up with a truly amazing logo design. But, this is only possible if you use negative space carefully. If you do not use it carefully, there is a good chance that you are going to destroy the overall appeal of your logo design.

Here are a few examples of the best Logo Design that cleverly use negative space in typography:


Wiesinger Music



Egg & Spoon

Free and Equal

AG Low

French Bakery









eat Innovations

Treachy Shoes








Peter Ryan

Franz Bernard






mouse universe

Panda Communications







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30 Creative Typography Logo Designs for Inspiration

Using typography based logo designs have a number of advantages associated with them. These basically just use typefaces and there aren’t any images in them. The most obvious advantage that typography logo designs deliver is that they are easily identifiable. This means that businesses that use them can actually be sighted from a distance and they are bound to stand out amongst the rest. Another benefit that such logos deliver is that they make it easier for customers to remember the name of the company. However, the fact of the matter is that in case these logos are not designed in a creative manner, they tend to have a very generic look to them.

But, if the designer puts in all of his creativity, innovation and professionalism, these logo designs can go a long way in helping businesses create a long lasting impression. It is basically the typeface itself that the logo designer needs to play around with. When done correctly, typography logo designs are very creative and they tend to have a very professional, eye catching, attention grabbing and innovative look to them. Although they tend to have a very clear, concise and simple look on the whole, they have every single element present in them that makes them memorable and attention grabbing.

Logo People design Creative Logo Designs for Australia. To know more about our company and portfolio, kindly click here.

There are plenty of businesses around the world that use typography logo designs. A few of the best one that can be used for inspiration purposes are given below:




Baguette Cafe




Brass &


Keep it






Jazz School









Sevda Jewelry



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Logo Designs Inspired by Indian Themes

The representation of a culture in a logo design is one of the best ways to make it appear not just creative, but a representative of the culture itself. The same holds true for Indian brands, which can easily enhance their logo designs through the utilization of Indian themes.

What makes such logos stand out amongst the rest is that the usage of Indian icons that signify their culture and traditions gives the logos an entirely creative look. Moreover, they represent the brand’s true dedication to the culture of India and how high they hold it. Indian themes also incorporate using Indian scripts for the formation of a logo. Indian scripts are not commonly used and can easily help the Logo Designer come up with a very unique concept for the logo designs. For an aesthetic feel, logo designers and brand can even consider applying names in a very creative fashion.

Indian Themes in Logos Can Help Reach Out to a Larger Target Audience

While designing an Indian logo, a logo designer also has the choice of making use of common aspects of the people of India so as to enhance it on the whole. For example, an auto, which is a common mode of transportation in India can be used in a unique manner to appeal to the target audience of the business. These can even be used in a humorous way, which guarantees that the common people of India would be attracted to the logo and the business at large.

Another very useful trick that logo designers can take on while designing Indian logos is the usage of line art and sketches of human figures that have an ‘Indianized’ touch to them. Ladies in saris, a Punjabi man with a turban etc., all emanate an Indian touch. Moreover, signature animals of India can also help designers give a more cultural feeling to their logo designs. For example, they can make use of elephants in their logos in a creative manner for the said purpose. The other elements that depict Indian themes are inclusive of the Indian flag, monuments of India like the Taj Mahal. Indian logo designers even make use of mythological figures so as to enhance and promote their Indian branding efforts.

Some of the best logos that are based on Indian themes are:

mysore dasara

The logo has been designed to represent the festival of Dasara that is held in the city of Mysore. The colors and decorations clearly denote those that are used in the festival.

narada travel

A travel agency logo, it uses Indian elements like the elephant, the Taj Mahal and meditation.

garam deals india

Through the utilization of the Indian flag’s colors, the designer has truly enhanced the logo with an Indian touch.

jaipur photographer

The logo simply depicts the cultural symbol of the Indian city Jaipur, Hawa Mahal that depicts the traditional camera in here.

tembe studio

Outstanding logo that makes use of the Indian language to brand the business with a basic, yet amazing and creative Indian theme.


True symbolization of Indian themes in this amazing logo.

golden spoon

Used for an Indian restaurant, the elephant, the colors green and orange are all used as symbols of India.


Only the mere usage of the name of the country that is encompassed within the tomb of Taj Mahal signifies that this logo has an Indian theme to it.

sewa trade

Strong mustard and green colors and the usage of Indian language are perfect symbols of Indian themes that are perfect for Indian branding.


The usage of an auto represents Indian themes in this logo.


A henna style has been used in this logo to enrich it with Indian themes.


Designed for a paper research institute, the logo has paper written in Hindi or the Indian language on it.

meethai wala

Using an Indian human figure and Indian sweets, this logo is meant to brand an India based sweets shop.

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